Perrin, "Raca Toror", "Mal Elee"

Ranger, Two-Blade Fighting Style


  • Perrin, “Raca Toror”, “Mal Elee”
  • Male Shifter, Longtooth
  • Level 1 Two-Blade Ranger
  • Str 18, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8
  • Str 16, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
  • AC: 14 Fort: 15 Reflex: 13 Will: 13
  • HP: 30 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 7
  • Nature +8, Perception +8, Stealth +7, Acrobatics +7, Heal +8
  • Arcana, Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Dungeoneering +3, Endurance +3, History, Insight +3, Intimidate -1, Religion, Streetwise -1, Thievery +2, Athletics +6
  • Level 1: Wild Senses
  • Ranger at-will 1: Twin Strike
  • Ranger at-will 1: Hit and Run
  • Ranger encounter 1: Two-Fanged Strike
  • Ranger daily 1: Jaws of the Wolf
  • Leather Armor, Handaxe (2), Everburning Torch, Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Pouch, Belt (empty), Trail Rations, Rope, hempen (50 ft.), Waterskin
  • Bio:

    Discovered as an infant among the bodies and wreckage of an attacked caravan, Perrin was taken in by his rescuers and given the only name he now remembers. However as he began to develop it became exceedingly clear to his adoptive parents that Perrin was not of a human lineage. Being from a small town and of minimal means the farmers were quickly overwhelmed by the uncertainty that came with raising such an odd child in a small community. Despite this fact they did their best to nurture Perrin and loved him as if he were their own.

    The village’s elders were not so drawn to the child and suffering from simple minded superstitions viewed him as a threat to the well being of their people. They enlisted the services of a shady rogue from a neighboring city to steal the child away and do with it as he saw fit. The kidnapper, feeling satisfied with his payment yet not willing to deal the killing blow to a child barely 4 winters old, dumped Perrin in a ravine and departed.

    When Perrin regained consciousness he was distraught and began to wander the wilderness becoming lost in a dense forest landscape. As the night grew deeper Perrin felt the woods closing in around him and instinctively knew that he was in tremendous danger. Not knowing what else to do he trekked further into the forest. Sometime during the following day he could go no further and collapsed in an exhausted slumber. When he woke he was covered in a fine cloak, within a sun lit glen, surrounded by several lithe and beautiful beings.

    So impressed were the Elves by the youngster’s inner will and strength they allowed him to stay and the glen became Perrin’s home. Over the years the Elves would visit Perrin regularly and even share with him their culture and language. Several became friendly with him and he was trained in their ways of survival and combat. The Elders first invited him to their settlement on the 10 year anniversary of his discovery and revealed to him the nature and history of his Shifter bloodline. However, the most enlightenment they could offer of his previous life was that he was likely the child of slaves and was, in comparison, likely better off than any of his owned brethren.

    From that day he was welcome among the Elves and accepted as one of their own, even falling in love with the young Elf maiden “Faile” around the time of his seventeenth spring. He honed his skills and settled into his new life quickly, though tragedy soon followed as it had throughout his life. “Faile” would often venture out alone in the wild and on one such occasion was attacked and slaughtered by a roving band of Goblins and Orcs led by a sinister Orcish Shaman. They had been together barely two years.

    Vowing to avenge the murder of his young love Perrin left the Elven settlement in pursuit of his quarry, intent on destroying the evil that had upended his world, or rejoin “Faile” in the afterlife trying. Perrin was soon disappointed and left directionless when he discovered the band of loathsome creatures had already been destroyed by a group of adventurers. Having no desire to return to the Elves or the constant reminder of his lost mate he wandered to the closest town. Perhaps one day he will return to the only home he ever willingly left behind.

    Perrin, "Raca Toror", "Mal Elee"

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